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Themes: Art Practice, Community, Freedom of Expression,
Region: Southern Africa
Country: Malawi


The ‘Make Life Worth Living’ campaign, created by Malawi-based arts collective, Zaluso Arts, champions the value of art in our lives and how it can help with dealing with mental health problems. Depression remains a taboo topic in Malawian society and it is estimated that approximately 80% of those suffering from depression are not receiving treatment. Using the skills of the organization’s creative hub, Zaluso Arts aims to address these issues through the arts in a campaign that involves murals, music, comedy sketches, designs, and videos.

Zaluso Arts is an art collective that aims to promote art in Malawi by creating a community where artists can meet to learn, inspire and, grow together. It creates interactive content in the form of paintings, comics, podcasts, shows, blogs which can be found on their website. The hub also caters to creatives’ design needs; whether it be graphic design, consultation, film and photography, paintings and drawings.