Resource of
Open Minds


Themes: Politics, Social Justice, Community, Freedom of Expression,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


Twaweza Communications is developing an eight-part miniseries on leadership and integrity that challenges viewers to expect and demand more integrity from their leaders. The series explores how the protagonists respond to the moral dilemmas of life and make choices that allow them to eventually achieve their goals. The different storylines are linked but are developed separately, covering various values such as personal responsibility and accountability. Twaweza hopes that posting its digital broadcasts online will help it to reach a broader audience, with the increased availability of smartphones, personal computers, and TVs. Under their supervision, Twaweza Communications supports the youth start-up, Kick Productions, and involves the group in the audio-visual production of the miniseries.

Established in 2000, Twaweza Communications Limited is an arts, culture and media organization based in Nairobi. The group focuses on public policy, media and culture for sustainable development in order to increase public knowledge and action within the Eastern African region. Twaweza aims to enhance citizens’ wellbeing through media sensitization programs, training, and sharing experiences and thematic publications. The organization believes this will create a world where everyone has access to quality information and education on matters that affect their lives, regardless of religion, race, age or gender. Twaweza Communications uses technology for intercultural dialogue and enhancing peaceful coexistence.