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Themes: Gender, Politics, Social Justice,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


PALIAct is producing a documentary to confront the issue of social reproduction from a feminist lens in a bid to expose the layers of oppression that face mainly female domestic workers. The documentary also questions the very basis of feminism in Kenya and its relation to domestic work and domestic workers. In a sense, the film questions social norms, frameworks, and ideologies, primarily the feminist tradition, that challenge social norms.

The Progressive African Librarian and Information Activists’ Group (PALIAct) is an initiative of a group of progressive African librarians, information workers, artists, and social activists, who recognize that current leaders in the African information field have done little to break the hegemonic neoliberal and imperialist policies. The PALIAct recognizes that the issue is only worsened by mainstream media, who are complicit in shrinking the space of critical knowledge, and consequently, undermine the civil practice of democracy. This is especially true for those identified as exceedingly marginalized as are impoverished women and queer individuals.