Resource of
Open Minds


Themes: Gender, Education, Art Practice, Freedom of Expression,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


The AfroQueer Podcast is a project that narrates queer African stories via podcast.Their project is centered on ensuring access to a podcast studio, where podcasts are recorded and edited, and podcast training that is targeted at podcasters who have not been able to access quality recording studios due to their content. The aim of the project is to grow and develop the skills of podcasters in safe and open environments that the AQ Studios will provide. AfroQueer Podcast also engages with various communities in other means, by also hosting training in arts, culture, and digital media in sub-Saharan Africa, so that their stories are more impactful.

None on Record (NOR) is a digital media organization committed to telling stories of Queer Africans that challenge perception and strengthen the concept of community globally. NOR challenges the present narrative perpetuated about Queer African people through high-quality digital media and storytelling via the production and distribution of media; the curating and convening of spaces that center Queer African stories.