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Open Minds


Themes: Gender, Social Justice, Migration, Community, Freedom of Expression,
Region: Southern Africa
Country: Malawi


‘Umunthu’ is a project that utilizes new media to fight for social justice by countering dominant narratives within the realms of freedom of expression, sexuality rights, and diversity, and female empowerment. This includes tackling issues such as homophobia, gender-based violence, and discrimination against those with albinism. The project is run by the media platform, Malawi24, and publishes a piece of artists' work across their online platforms, with the aim to arouse debates and discussions surrounding these topics.

Malawi24 is an independent, non-profit civil society media organization committed to the consolidation of democracy, safeguarding of human rights, strengthening of good governance, promotion of active citizenship, and the enhancement of an open society in Malawi. Founded in 2013 by blogger and activist Dr. Pearson Nkhoma, Malawi24 operates as an online-only news outlet, distributing content via their website and various social media platforms.