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Themes: Education, Art Practice, Community, Freedom of Expression,


The Design Lab Project is a series of five training and production learning modules on visual design and visual narratives aiming at critically dissecting visual narratives in Lebanon. In order to question dominant communication forms and come up with new ones, the members have established a reflection group that stands separate from existing academic groups. The ‘laboratory’ creates a collective process that crafts useful tools to research, experiment, and produce alternative communication contents in printed and digital form. These tools provide a critical reflection on social, political and cultural questions that strive to impact their surrounding environment. The project brings together a long-term interdisciplinary team that initiates a new path for graphic design as a movement for experimental communication. The collective also hosts a series of theoretical and practical workshops to question dominant forms of visual creation. The products created during these workshops are then available to the wider public as well as to specialists in the field.

Jana Traboulsi is a designer, illustrator, and artist. She has been teaching since 2004. Her work focuses on image-making as critical commentary, often bridging between the personal and the socio-political. Based in Beirut, Jana Traboulsi’s office is a collaborative space for graphic design and illustration work focused on social, political and cultural matters. Under her guidance, the collective gathers a network of visual artists, as well as individuals from various fields (publishers, urban planners, historians, architects, musicians, etc.). Together, they carry out multidisciplinary projects, primarily in Arabic. Jana Traboulsi’s vision is to set up space for collective thinking on the social and political role of visual practices in the Arab world, for committed and forward-thinking ‘Avant-Garde’ graphic production.