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Open Minds


Themes: Education, Freedom of Expression,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


Bodies is a multimedia project that looks at bodies beyond flesh and bone. The project explores how and where bodies sit, how they feel, what makes them hurt, what makes them love, what makes them ‘bodies’, how this change occurs, which bodies matter and why. The idea is to spark conversation about bodies through creative works- bodies’ anthology, commissioned essays, visual exhibitions, and Jalada conversations through podcasts.

Jalada Africa is a pan-African writer’s collective that began during a writer’s workshop in 2013. Jalada has since published the most translated short story in the history of African literature, “The Upright Revolution,” by Ngugi wa Thion’go. The collective has also hosted its’ inaugural Jalada Mobile and Literary Arts Festival, a journey across 12 cities, 5 countries and 4,500 kilometers.