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Open Minds


Themes: Politics, Social Justice, Community,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


‘Forget Me Not’ is a photography project and exhibition that seeks to amplify the voices of citizens who have disappeared or whose lives have been abruptly ended in the hands of the Kenya Police. The project is hoping to re-invigorate a conversation that most Kenyans are fatigued and desensitized by; no longer willing or able to listen. Under the project, recordings of close relatives and friends of missing subjects, standing in the places their loved ones were last seen or were found, are made. The family members and friends hold up a large printed photo of the ones they have lost. This project is done in the Nairobi, Coastal, North Eastern, Nyanza/Western, Central and Rift Valley regions.

Enigma is a media production house in Kenya specializing in providing communication solutions that are designed for nongovernmental organizations, international developmental organizations, and conservation bodies, with a focus on storytelling that adds meaning and value by compelling audiences to pay attention and act.