Resource of
Open Minds


Themes: Gender, Politics, Art Practice, Community, Freedom of Expression,
Region: East and Southern Africa
Country: Kenya and Zimbabwe


Working at the intersection of culture and human rights, the project creates three multidisciplinary public platforms centered on music, spoken word, dance, and food. These platforms advance the concepts of freedom of expression and community engagement at Creatives Garage in Nairobi, AfriKera Dance Theatre Hub in Harare, and Bluez Cafe in Bulawayo. The project strives to present the potential of the arts as a medium for creating a free and diverse approach for cultural expression. Through this collaboration, the three organizations enable performing artists and producers of culture to develop works that further the ideals of acceptance, tolerance, peace, and nation-building. Their objective is to enhance the capacity of art practitioners in Nairobi, Harare, and Bulawayo to explore their practice and their role in society as cultural and social activists and motivators for positive change.

Formed in 2012 and currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, Creatives Garage is a multidisciplinary space that not only allows for innovators to create and collaborate but also utilizes creativity as a tool for social change. Here, creatives come to network, share ideas, learn, gain market accessibility and push the boundaries of their practice. They work with visual artists, performing artists and tech innovators, providing them with a thriving creative eco-system.

Bluez Cafe is a venue in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, aimed at establishing a vibrant and multi-dimensional cultural maker space for artists and arts practitioners. This space also creates an intersection between the world of arts and civil society, by using the arts as an agent for social change.

AfriKera Arts Trust is a multi-disciplinary performing arts entity located in Harare, Zimbabwe, with a focus on dance. AfriKera Arts Trust wants to be a consistent fixture in the local, regional and international performing arts scene. AfriKera Arts Trust aims to work towards the recruitment and formation, professionalization and promotion of local talents into world-class dancers.