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Themes: Gender, Politics, Economics, Social Justice, Community,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


Camerapix produces various 3-5 minute short films and a 25-minute film on ‘Stories of Change’, documenting citizens in Africa taking action against rising inequality. Through various case studies, namely human interest stories, Camerapix shows how individuals, leaders, international and national non-governmental organizations, civil society, women's rights groups, and human rights activists have come together to fight the growing crisis of inequality. The short films are produced in Kenya and Ethiopia and compiled with archived content previously filmed in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Combined, the film material is used as a tool to target policymakers and rights holders at all levels to advocate for investments in quality, gender-responsive public services. The film provides audiences with various stories of change; demonstrating the work toward improving the quality of life. These stories dive into the everyday reality of community members and stakeholders alike, those who are fighting for equality, pushing their respective governments to prioritize public services, and demanding reforms, good governance, accountability, and tax enforcement.

Camerapix is a Kenyan-based company that has a long history of public service and documentary work in the Horn of Africa. Camerapix rose to international stature with their historic coverage of the 1984-85 famine that sizeable parts of the Horn, particularly, Northern Ethiopia. The Camerapix founder, Mohamed Amin, was the first to use motion pictures and still photos to bring the famine to international attention. Under the leadership of Salim Amin, Camerapix currently plays a critical role in telling stories throughout Africa. Among their works is a short film called, ‘Kenya: Through My Father’s Eyes,’ available at and a docuseries on youth and democracy accessible at