Resource of
Open Minds


Themes: Gender, Freedom of Expression,
Region: East Africa
Country: Uganda


Boutiq is extending its residency program and pushing for aesthetic innovations in the cultural output with which it is now associated. The foundation focuses on feminist expression and works with makers to create works that challenge the suppression of feminist expression in East Africa. Boutiq is hosting five different programs, including ‘Radical Feminist Expression Through Music’, led by the Polish feminist punk act, Siska. This program holds a series of workshops and exchanges to inspire the formation of an East African feminist punk band. In the ‘Future Traditions’ workshops, Boutiq Foundation invites traditional instrumentalists from all parts of Uganda to engage with other musicians and music producers from the region and internationally. The goal is to breathe new life into traditional and electronic music. Boutiq also hosts a scriptwriting workshop with Ian Masters, which is held over several short-term residencies. The final goal is the production of several scripts, ready to be distributed, via the support and expertise of production facilities.

Boutiq Foundation is an integrated art and culture incubator aimed at supporting and nurturing talent in the arts and culture spheres of East Africa. The foundation’s activities include training sessions, audio-visual productions, transnational collaborations, performance opportunities, artist management and promotion, music and film distribution, and general open-door policy for creative expression. These components are then transformed into final artworks such as films or music albums, which are performed or exhibited to a wider audience. Boutiq’s current departments include a residency space with community studios, two record labels, and a music festival, amongst others. The residency program is the beating heart of the foundation’s collective effort. By carefully curating the incoming residents, while constantly keeping an open door for regional talent, Boutiq accelerates skill-sharing and creates opportunities for artists to develop highly personalized works under the best conditions. The foundation primarily supports forms of artistic expression that fall under the non-commercial, political, and socially critical landscape.