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Themes: Technology, Community,
Region: East Africa
Country: Kenya


Tembea is a hybrid project that incorporates both a documentary and augmented reality (AR) to create awareness about artifacts from Kenya stored in German museum cellars. A Kenyan-German team takes a closer look at Kenyan art pieces and provides Kenyans access to these cultural objects through augmented reality installations. Three specific Kenyan artifacts are being taken out of the museum cellars, scanned, and modeled using 3D printing/imaging, and then “taken” to Kenya. The artifacts are showcased to Kenyans via augmented reality. The project aims to provide local audiences with access to the artifacts, exhibited through augmented reality in various locations in Kenya, while simultaneously gathering and collecting data from these audiences. A report on the findings is then developed and shared with the Linden Museum and National Museums of Kenya among other stakeholders.

Baruu Collective is a boutique creative film and television production company established to offer high-quality content and creation of new forms of media that utilize virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) among others.