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Open Minds

The Alliance for Community Action

Themes: Politics, Social justice, Community,
Region: Southern Africa
Country: Zambia


The Alliance for Community Action (ACA) will be reaching out to the youth of Zambia in order to increase awareness of the rights of citizenship and to combat weak activism, which is the current environment not as a result of docility but rather due to a lack of the requisite information at their disposal. This project will take form through the use of parody, animations and innovative public service information packs to create a public resource management awareness campaign. Through the use of humour and digital content, the ACA hope to make pertinent information linking citizen’s activism, public money and service delivery simple to understand and engage with. It is envisaged that as a result of young people understanding citizenship as a right, they will routinely interact with duty bearers and this will lead to a sense of confidence and to the growth of active citizenship in the community.

The ACA is a non-governmental organisation which strives for ‘a Zambia where all her citizens enjoy the full and equitable benefit of all her public resources’. The ACA works to grow the routine and systematic demand for public resource accountability in Zambia, with the specific aim of instituting the demand in the public. As the only CSO in Zambia, whose sole purpose is the strengthening of public resource accountability, the ACA has gained recognition for its innovative and robust strategies and activities.